Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Possessed Horses in Our Possession

Before I had kids of my own I swore they would never have toys that made noises. I don't know how it happened, but that idea pretty much flew out the window. Crashed right through it actually. I don't really mind the ones with music if they come with an on/off switch. The ones that drive me nuts are the ones that are ridiculously loud and don't have volume control, or the ones that are possessed. (Like the puzzles that randomly meow in the middle of the night. Spooky!)

Remember that $10 "life size" horse we bought from Goodwill? I had no idea it made noises until one day during a thunder and lightning storm we started hearing random horse noises. So bizarre and a little scary. Luckily, a new battery exorcised that little demon.

Mama! Mama! Maaaaamaaaaaaa....

So, yesterday, I had several suitcases full of stuff to donate, and we were going to be passing a goodwill store (the SAME store that sold us horse #1) so I thought, let's stop in and see if they have anything fun. Sophie immediately picked up a stuffed horse (or maybe Evan found it? That kid is a treasure hunter! He always finds the best things!) then we moved on to the bikes. (On second thought, maybe that little demon "found us" if you know what I mean.) Sophie found a bike her size that she climbed on and tried to ride around for awhile. The chain was loose (corroded) so it didn't really work, but it was fun for about 10 minutes. While she was "riding" her bike I swore I saw the horse move it's head and let out some kind of distorted noise. Fabulous. I mostly ignored it while Evan ran to get a cart (I found some amazing yet large frenchy art for the kitchen). We found a couple books and headed up to checkout. There may or may not have been a few other movements and/or tortured noises from the mini-demon horse, but we waited to explore that until we paid the $1.99 and got out to the car. Sure enough, I found an on/off and "try me" switch (and by try-me, I think they meant randomly possessed). The good news is that when switched to ON, the horse moves, whinnies, snorts and heavily breathes like a real horse. (The other good news is that the OFF switch works.)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

San Antonio 2014 - Olé!

It has been freakishly cold for Texas this time of year. And by freakishly cold I mean when we left the house it was 70 degrees and as we drove approximately 3 hours we watched the temperature drop. 46, 33... what??? Yeah, so that's what we get for turning the heat completely off while we leave for a week. 

Anyway, we're back in San Antonio. We had a nice warm welcome from our friends Juan & Pablo here. 

Ola, or as Evan says, "olé".

Speaking of Evan and olé, we went to our favorite souvenir shop across from the Alamo the first full day we were here. Evan has been talking about an olé hat since we left Bampa's house in January. (In case you don't know what an olé hat is, I believe the correct terminology is a Three Amigos hat.) Luckily, he changed his mind when he saw them and decided he didn't need one after all. They were like 30 to 40 bucks or more, so instead we bought a $5.99 pink cowgirl hat with sequins and a sparkly crown on it for Sophie, and a couple $1.99 toy guns. Now we've got what we came for and can return home. Olé. 

I'm just kidding. We're not going home, we have a whole week of trashing a hotel room ahead of us.
I'm not kidding about that one.
And for the record, that blurry face was all natural baby.
So, did you know it was Mardi Gras on Tuesday? I taught French for 5 years, so I have to know these things. How did we celebrate you ask? Well, we didn't. But I remembered it was Mardi Gras as we took a drive to see the San Antonio temple. 

The temple is on a hill overlooking a nice residential part of San Antonio. It feels like it's set apart from the city. Such a peaceful feeling. And we didn't even go inside!

Anyway, back to Mardi Gras...or now Ash Wednesday...or Lent for that matter. We aren't giving anything up for Lent, but I think it's a fabulous idea. I'll have to think on that one for next year. We did, however, visit a couple of the Missions here in San Antonio. I had no idea there were more than just the Alamo to visit. And honestly? The Alamo is nicely landscaped and restored, and I know it's super historic (especially since we're Texans now) but the other missions were WAY cooler to visit! It felt a little bit like visiting crumbly old castles in France, only they were crumbly old churches in Texas. Very cool. Or as Evan says, olé!

I realize how fabulous this family picture is,
but I promise it was better than the selfie we took.

Just because you didn't believe me about the selfie. Olé.

Friday, February 7, 2014

We all need a little break every now and then!

Best seat in the house.
We've reached a milestone here. Last Monday was my first attempt at potty-training. I swore it was also my last! There was weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, but it did encourage this little guy to be done with diapers and only wear Pull-Ups. He REALLY wanted to wear his awesome Angry Birds or Ninja Turtle underpants, but he hated getting them wet. So I did what any frazzled, desperate, loving Mom would do and I really did give up (seriously, that day)! Luckily, the other stubborn soul in the house did NOT. Last Friday (or Saturday?) we received the above pictured best seat in the house and he instantly sat and peed on the potty. What?!? Yep! All by himself! It's been four days in a row now of sitting on this beautiful throne without any reminders or nagging from me! He even announced he "felt like going pee-pee" at the Dr's office today. AWESOME! So the moral of this story? Wait until your little ones are old enough to train themselves. Easiest potty-training ever! haha!

In other news, I decided to give myself a little break and I signed up to receive a fun little present every month. (You know you want one too!) For $20 a month you get a fun little package delivered right to your door with all the stamps, ink, paper, and accessories to create things like cards, journals, decor and more! So if you need a little break too, just click here

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Friday, November 29, 2013

The rest of Louisiana...for now

**November 29th -- After a month of ignoring my blog, I logged in to find this one still in drafts. I'm sure there were more pictures to post and something more to say, but it's forgotten. Which is WHY I need to keep up with this! I'm so sad for all the forgotten moments! Sophie had her first pony-ride and the video we took is GONE. SO SAD! She absolutely loved it! Our sweet little cowgirl. ****

Here's the original post I had sitting in drafts for a month:

To save you from complete boredom, I will just say that there was some shopping and sightseeing that didn't merit photos, but every single day of our trip to Lafayette was fantastic! (Except the one where I stayed in the hotel with a migraine, and the other one where I spent the day finishing my online defensive driving course...other than that it was AMAZING!) We ended the vacation on a great note by visiting New Orleans on Friday.What a great city! We kept saying "let's just move here!" the entire time. Of course, that's not going to happen, but we're already planning our return visit. Anyone care to join us?

We thought about making an offer, but we prefer the haunted variety.

Saturday - drive home, fall festival

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Some more vacation...

I'm pretty sure that vacation blog posts are the new vacation slideshow. Good thing you don't HAVE to sit through all the photos. You're choosing to do this you know. So, continuing on...

Saturday we went to Boo at the Zoo at the local very small zoo. It ended up being the perfect size zoo for our little ones, but we were disappointed in the lack of candy. Seriously. If you're advertising a Halloween celebration, make sure to have LOADS of candy! I'm just sayin.

hold on!!!

The highlight of the zoo for Evan was the train.

The highlight for Sophie
were the squirrel monkeys above us
while riding the train...

...and the candy.

Vacationing Part Trois (which would be 3 for those of you who do not parlez the français)

Sunday we went onto University of Louisiana Lafayette campus and saw a bunch of turtles, fish and an alligator at a little swampy pond they have there. Sophie LOVED the turtles and surprised us by saying very clearly, "TURTLE!" She must have been amused by our response because she repeated turtle over and over and over for the rest of our vacation!


We also took a lovely drive through the jungle gardens of Avery Island. It was beautiful! We even saw a few alligators.

Do you see the alligator???

How 'bout now?

Everyone needs a self-portrait right?

Just testing the panoramic setting...

I was a little nervous about alligators snapping at my children,
but apparently Dylan wasn't.

Sophie always finds something fancy. ;)

Now let's try for serious...

In case there was any doubt.

I wonder what's over there...

Throwing caution to the wind.

We're free! We're free!

We also stopped at the nearby Tabasco Factory gift shop. (I'm almost positive the kids would have made the actual tour quite miserable for everyone within earshot.) We'll put the tour on the list for next time.

This swing was worth the stop.